Someone i considered one of my best friends just said I’m pretending to be depressed and only acting like no one likes me. I wish people realized it’s true.. The world would be better off without me and I am just unwanted. It’s not that though. It’s that they don’t believe I am actually always in pain. And I just want the hurting to go away.

I’m a worthless piece of shit

Anonymous: your friends do not hate you, if something that they do makes you feel that way you should talk to them abot it! and please do not say you want to kill yourself or even think about it, there are people who love you in this world, your family, your friends and me. please stay strong. maybe for now you could watch your favorite movie and make a snack for watching it and forget about everything that makes you feel sad. i love and be kind to yourself <3

Everyone hates me

I literally want to kill myself

I have literally no friends at all they all hate me

I’m a giant fat piece of shit I don’t deserve food

My dad just said I’ve put on a lot of weight

I can’t wait to get out of high school. When I’m away and alone and I won’t need anyone.

I am down to one friend.
I don’t want to complain because she’s more of a friend than anyone will have in their entire lives. But just knowing that literally no one even wants to talk to me is really shitty. I mean, I’m good alone and understand why people don’t like me but at the same time I don’t get it..

What do I wear to Los Angeles this week even


So beautiful
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